Bicycle Shops

Trails End Bikes

From their sponsorship campaigns to customer service, Trail's End Bikes offers everything a bicyclist could want. Read some of their reviews and check out their website for more info. 


Oak City Cycling

From event hosting, to the local Raleigh flare, Oak City Cycling both provides, and goes above and beyond for their customers.


The Bike Guy

Offering both bikes for rental and purchase, The Bike Guy's bike shop is located conveniently at the start of the Neuse River Trail. 


Lime Bikes

The Lime Bike initiative, gaining traction in downtown Raleigh, offers an excellent method of transportation for those who don't want to make the monetary commitment of a personal bike. Rides are $1.00 per every half an hour, and may vary depending on whether you are using a normal bicycle, electrically enhanced bike, or a Lime scooter. Lime Bikes offer an excellent alternative to bicycling at a fraction of the cost.