New bike trails are opening up throughout the Raleigh area. For example, by June 2011 the Honeycutt Park is supposed to have a 7.5 mile trail built linking this North Raleigh trail into the Shelly Lake and Crabtree Valley trails.

A 7.5 mile trail that hooks North Raleigh to inside the beltline is just what North Raleigh needs. As you've seen (or read) there's not many bike friendly options in North Raleigh.

The City of Raleigh is spending money ($4M - as approved in the 2007 bond referendum) to ensure that residents in North Raleigh can easily commute around the city. The path and timing of this development is as follows:

* February 16, 2010 –Raleigh City Council Meeting - 1:00 p.m.
* April 2010– Completion of 100% Design
* July 2010 - Advertise for Construction Bid
* October 2010 – Start Construction

*Schedule is subject to change

One avid reader has indicated that there is even a "newsletter" on this important biking trail.

Please email us any new trails you're aware of and we'll put them up here. Thanks!

Below is a direct link to the 24 current projects "underway".;/pt03/DIG_Web_Content/category/Leisure/Park_and_Greenway_Planning/Cat-Index.html