Raleigh, North Carolina is blessed with an abundance of parks/lakes/greenways (over 150 in Raleigh alone - of which 115 are considered parks). If you are planning a trip to Raleigh please consider staying at the Marriott Renaissance at the North Hills shopping mall off 440 and Six Forks road. It's a great hotel! and a fabulous location (REI is at the same mall, where you can find great biking accessories).

The following trails are conveniently located in the Raleigh area. Please email andymay@adrmortgage.com if you would like us to post your trail experience.

American Tobacco Trail - Durham, North Carolina

The American Tobacco Trail is a recreational rail-trail open to bicyclists, walkers, runners and dog walkers. This rail-trail project will span 23 miles, from rural New Hill in western Wake County, through northeast Chatham County, to downtown Durham, near the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

Trail Difficulty - Beginner

For maps and location start-points click the following: http://www.triangletrails.org/ATT.HTM

Beaver Dam Trails - Raleigh, North Carolina

The Beaver Dame Trails include three loops: a 2.6-mile outer loop, a 1.6-mile inner loop, a 2.4-mile west loop and more advanced 6-mile loop called South Loop.

Trail Difficulty – Beginner/Intermediate

A great biking site that has maps of Beaver Dam is: http://www.trianglemtb.com/beaverdam.php

Chapel Hill Trail - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Duke Forest Trail - Durham, North Carolina

Over thirty miles of forest roads are available for biking in the Duke Forest. Bikers are also welcome to use the 3.4 miles of prepared surface trail which winds through the woods around the Duke University Golf Course.

Trail Difficulty – All skill levels

A great biking and map site for this trail can be found at: http://www.dukeforest.duke.edu/location/maps_downloadable.htm

Falls Lake - Raleigh, NC

Ok, this really isn't a trail. It's a trail only if you are willing to travel there by car, or ride your bike on a dirt-trail that was meant for walking. However, if you're a North Raleigh-ite then this is an option. The walking trails that you can ride your bike on are up to 3 miles long and require a mountain bike. The sites are really magestic and I've included some from a recent sunny winter-day.

The nice thing about Falls Lake is that you can ride your car down to the end of the dam. Or bike. Or both. And as you'll see you can have a great picnic at the very end. There's also a playground for the kids across from a swim area. All in all, it's a nice place to bring the family. If you're looking for some hard-core riding this isn't it. However, if you want to tool around a new area, have a few beverages and cook a steak while viewing some of the more beautiful places in Raleigh, this fits the bill.

Trail Difficulty - the walking trails are moderately hard and require that you walk your bike often. However, you can get out to Ravens Ridge and avoid the car-friendly Falls of Neuse where there is ZERO bike lane availability.

You do NOT want to ride on Falls of Neuse. Ravens Ridge - while there's no bike lane, is less traveled by cars and the people tend to be a lot nicer to bicyclists than say the people that are crazy to get to Bedford. I think to get to Bedford can take a while with the traffic on Falls of Neuse that people are less than kind to anyone on a bike. So, either drive to Falls Lake or take a walking trail in off Ravens Ridge. I did it and it's a moderately difficult trail to navigate.

It's also a great work out and can take a couple hours, including "jumping" a stream. So, it's not for the faint of heart.

Lake Crabtree - Morrisville, North Carolina

This trail consists of approximately 5 miles of loops marked by yellow blazes with connectors marked by red blazes.

Trail Difficulty - Beginner/Intermediate

West Millbrook Road in Raleigh is the best drop point for this trail. Shelly Lake is the best drop point. For a map, cut and paste below:


Lake Johnson - Morrisville, North Carolina

Lake Johnson has 3.5 miles of paved greenway trails

Trail Difficulty - Intermediate

Maps and trail data -    http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/lake-johnson.html

Little River - Durham, North Carolina

Little River is a 7 mile singletrack trail

Trail Difficulty - Intermediate

For more information click below....


New Lights Trail - Raleigh, North Carolina

New Light Trail is approximately 10 miles of tight, twisty singletrack with some steep climbs. Four different loops that begin off doubletrack that runs through the area.  This trail is open on Sunday only during hunting season.

Trail Difficulty - All skills levels


Southern Village - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Southern Village Trail is a 1.7 mile singletrack loop. 

Trail Difficulty - Beginner

Kudos to Singletracks bike the net for maintaining the following site:


Umstead Park - Raleigh, North Carolina

Umstead Park is an approximate 13 mile doubletracktrail

Trail Difficulty - Beginner

For location and maps: